Missing a new commit in pull request that I pushed last night

I made a new commit and pushed to github at 5:38 PM JST. But it is not shown in pull request.

I can see that commit in Network view in Insights and code view of the branch.

I think it is not recovered correctly after the incident last night.
Please fix it.

You mean that you already had created a pull request, and then added a new commit to the branch from were you created the pull request in the first place?

If that was the case, then the pull request would be immediately updated. So chances are that you missed out something during your operations. You might consider checking a few things:

  1. After pushing the commit, did you create a pull request to the target repository from the landing page of your fork? (i.e. assuming you’re not creating a PR in a repository were you’re also a collaborator).
  2. Have you checked that you pushed your new commit to the correct remote?

If you could provide more detailed info on the whole process, it would be easier to pin-point the problem.