Misleading Actions/Workflow Visualization

I’ve noticed that with a particular structure of jobs in a Workflow, the visualization graph which is displayed on the Summary page of that run is quite misleading. Here’s a screenshot of the visualization, as well as what I see when hovering over one of the jobs:

It looks like the xxx-analysis job at the bottom is dependent on both build-artifacts and unit-tests, but that’s not actually the case. Actually, the send-mail job is the only one dependent on the unit-tests job. It seems that the visualization should move unit-tests further down so that the arrow doesn’t cross behind the other jobs. Has anyone else seen odd visualization like this?

I have a similar problem, albeit on a somewhat smaller and simpler graph. It’s easiest to see if I hover over the job whose dependency line goes directly through another job:

Interestingly, it’s not a simple greedy-algorithm-gone-wrong situation—rearranging the order of the job in the YAML file does not change anything. It’s not exactly a dealbreaker (for one thing, what deal would it break?), but since one of the benefits of a nice visualization is to be able to show it to people who don’t want to have to read a YAML file to understand the workflow, it’s definitely a downer.

Tagging @mickeygousset as he helped submit a report previously. This seems to be another example of the same behaviour, although in this case an even more simple one.

Agreed. I’ll take this back to the product group as feedback as well.

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