Mirror github wiki in github repository

GitHub wiki is an awesome way to write and store documentation in a way everyone can contribute!

GitHub Wiki though lack a way to manage branches. This is mostly alright, but sometimes in big version changes it’s useful to have a branch to develop the new API changes of this new software version separately, but collaborative, before merging into the doc on the master/main branch (the branch used by github wiki interface).

Is there a way to easily mirror a wiki in a github repository, so it can benefit from the branch management web interface? Perhaps using GitHub Actions…

The flow of information I am looking is to whenever there’s a commit pushed into the wiki, it gets pushed too into the mirror repository master/main branch, and then the repository can be used to store commits in different branches (eventually someone will manually pickup a branch and merge on master and manually push into the github wiki git, but this is something separate).

Using Actions should be possible. This is not something I’ve tried myself, but the documentation lists a gollum event that is triggered when a wiki page is created or changed. You could then fetch the wiki repository and push it to wherever you want.