Minor bug in Github Pages Learning Lab course

It appears the learning bot suggests using a PR to reference closing itself (“closes #2”) rather than closing the issue it created earlier, which should be #1.

I know it might be interpreted as a generic example, but for new/learning users, this may be a little confusing; the issue the bot  should probably have the user close is #1, the only other open issue in the repository so far.

However, I imagine the issue number is decided programmatically and is simply off by one, though I’ll admit this is an assumption, and have not tested this on a pre-existing repo yet to gather more info.

Anyways, this is not a very big deal… I just thought I’d bring it up somewhere this low-priority bug might get spotted and tacked on to a backlog.

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Hi @nrebhun,

Thank you for catching that! To avoid confusion and to add clarity, the provided example should be closes #1. I’ll make sure a push goes up to make the update in the course instructions. 


Cool! Thanks, @a-a-ron!

Out of curiosity, are these lessons open source?

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Out of curiosity, are these lessons open source?

I was wondering the same thing!

Or at the least, is there a better place to file bugs other than in this forum?

I found another one:

In Step 6 of Issue 2 of the Introduction to GitHub course I see:

  3. In the “compare:” drop-down menu, select “refs/heads/test”

But the only item I see in the drop-down is just named ‘test’

(Probably most people could work out this is the right one but beginners may get confused)

This forum is the best place to submit bugs. However, we do request that each bug report has a separate thread to make sure that the team which resolves all of these issues sees each one.

To answer your other question, however, the courses are not open source at this time. As we work out some of the bugs, we do plan to release a version of this to the public, but I cannot say what form that will take just yet.