Minimum Supported Client Version

The title says it all.  I want to check if my git client is expected to work with GitHub today.  Where is that published, please?

Hi @chumaitoe

You might want to try the official Git documentation for help with this: . You’ll find better, more relevant, and faster information directly from Git than you’re likely to in this GitHub Community Forum. I’d recommend searching there and in the Git community for help.

It’s definitely not in the book.  I’ll try the community, but this is a GitHub specific question.  Do you not run conformity tests against git clents?  I doubt that this essential step gets skipped, I just want to know what is the oldest version that passed.

We use Git on our backend and the Git transfer protocols are designed to be backwards compatible, newer features degrade gracefully. We haven’t done any GitHub-specific testing for this reason, because the transfer protocol is the bit that people will care about. According to one of our Git experts, v1.6.6 is the oldest version that supports the smart protocol over HTTP, so anything v1.6.6 or above should work acceptably at this very moment in time and depending on what features you’re interested in.