Military Series: Veterans in Coding and Design

In partnership with V School, Meritorious is bringing together veterans and military spouses in coding and design for professional networking, to include virtual tables facilitated by companies looking for new talent.

Hear from Andrea Griffiths , Senior Product Manager, GitHub , who immigrated to the US from Columbia, joined the Army, found support through Operation Code, and is now building community at GitHub.

Chris Morrow , Senior Product Manager for Technical Products at Amazon joins this mico-panel to share insights into artificial intelligence, machine learning and his work on Amazon Alexa.

Then checkout a V School fireside chat between Air Force veterans, Gabe Marchant and Grant Willhelm , who are dialed in on launching a career in web development or UX/UI design, and how veterans can forge jobs in emerging tech.


  • Interact with professionals who served, and are leaders in coding and design
  • Build further your referral network to include business connections and mentors/mentees
  • Discover business opportunities and career pathways at companies with multiple verticals
  • Hear from military-connected companies and employees about the tech industry
  • Engage in an innovative, virtual environment that lends both structure and flexibility
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