Milestones Issues

  1. How can I receive a Slack notification when an issue is moved from one milestone to another?

  2. How can milestones assignment be limited to Admin? 

  3. How can I display the issue milestone in Project cards?

Hi @bibin4du,

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  1. You’ll need to use a webhook to create a custom integration with Slack for this notification. You can see our developer docs here for more information on issue events.

  2. At this time, anyone with write access to your repo will be able to edit milestones. It’s not currently possible to limit those permissions to only admins. I will make note of your request for this though, and share it with the appropriate teams.

  3. I’m not sure I fully understand what you’re trying to do. Can you clarify what you’re wanting to see and how you’re wanting to see it? 

We are using Github Projects for project management. Currently, the issue/PR cards does not display the milestone. As a project manager, it is impossible to know the milestone planned for each issue/PR in To/Do list.

Hi @bibin4du Thanks for clarifying!

That’s not currently possible, but I can definitely understand how that would be helpful. I will add this request to our internal feature request list. I can’t make any promises, but I can assure you that your input has been shared with the appropriate teams.

Also, some more information on that Slack integration for you:

The currently available configuration options for that integration are here and explain which events you can subscribe to right now.[


If there’s an event that you would like to subscribe but it isn’t supported, you can open an issue here.