Milestone feature seems to be changed and "broken"

Hi :slight_smile:

I am heavily using the GitHub Milestone feature to manage my product backlog. Therefore I am moving issues very frequently.

There must have been a bigger change on that feature as issues are getting moved to the bottom instead of to the top if I assign them to the milestone.

  1. What do you think, is it also annoying for you?

In addition moving issues up and top has got a lot of flaws (on latest Firefox):

a) sometimes I cannot grab an issue

b) sometimes it is not moving

c) sometimes I “lose” it and it is somewhere

d) The shortcuts do not work

e) I often get the feedback “Oops, the product backlog has changed” - even though I am the only one changing it.

  1. Do you also have got issues like that?

  2. Is this the right place to report this?

Thanks a lot for reading my message :slight_smile:

Kind Regards