Migrating from Discourse to Discussions?

How can we migrate from discourse to GitHub discussions ? Are there migration scripts that we could use for that ?

For our project, we would like to map each Discourse forum category to a GitHub repository, so there are limited complexities.


Hi @om26er ! Welcome to the community forum :slight_smile: This is a great question, and very timely and I think helpful to share with the product team. We work closely with the PM on Discussions, @evi-liu so I’m tagging her here for awareness.

Can you share more about how you are thinking about this - or any steps you’ve tried yet? I don’t believe there is a solution created yet - though with the brilliance in the GitHub community I bet you’re not the only one thinking about this or asking about it.

:eyes: @jricciardi @tuves @nethgato

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Following up with more information - As far as we know, communities have migrated from Discourse to Discussions, but none have migrated their content with them as well. If you know of any or want to talk to us about your use case please let me know! Thanks for asking too! It’s something I am curious about as the product evolves.

I don’t really have ideas yet. However we moved from Google Groups a few years ago to Discourse but felt that most of our developer community is on GitHub and Discussions are great. We used migrations tools previously but it seems no tool(s) exist for discourse to discussions migration.

I guess GitHub would need to create some sort of functionality to bulk create a topic through and add comments, with fake names for something as a starting point.

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Thanks for the feedback, @om26er! We don’t have any news on plans for a migration tool from GitHub, but will keep you posted here and on the GitHub Blog, and in the Changelog


+1 to this request, would be great to preserve the knowledge base by migrating in some way so others could see everything. We also have an older google groups that would be great to migrate as well

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