Migrate repo to github containing history of large files

We’ve been migrating our repos from a privately hosted git server to github using the following guide:

It went great for most repos, but unfortunately we have a few repos that contain large files which exceed max size for git. I installed git lfs and was able to push our large files in a very basic test (just pushed one file in a new repo). However, I am stuck trying to migrate the entire history of our repo which has had large files being modified since its inception. I noticed the lfs api doesnt seem to have the same mirror functions as the guide above.

Is there a way to easily migrate the entire repo with git lfs included? Many of the commits contain large files (they are active code not binaries. We have to keep a history).

Hi :wave:

I hope the following resources help to get you going. Let me know if yo have any further questions.

If you have a local copy of the Git repository you want to import. You’ll need to first remove the file completely from the repository’s regular Git history, and then add it to LFS. You can do this following the link below:

Alternatively, there is a migration tool that you can use which will migrate your files over to LFS without having to delete and re-add them:

After that you can track the required files and push it to LFS with these instructions: