Microsoft Reactor: Think and Act Like a Leader

Topic: Personal and Business Development

What is this session about?
Do your peers and managers see you as a leader? Does your presence convey leadership aptitude and potential? This session will teach you the attributes that comprise leadership and help you identify specific areas to focus on that will help you Think and Act Like a Leader.

Who is it aimed at?
This is designed for those looking to understand how they are perceived as a leader. Then, with that understanding, identify specific attributes that can be improved upon to increase one’s leadership presence. The content is designed for those currently in leadership roles, and those who are aspiring to a leadership role.

Why should you attend?
The skills taught are critical across every stage of career advancement, from the college graduate looking to land their first career job to the senior-level executive looking to increase their impact and motivational skills.

About the Speaker:
Ben Flower, Skill-Up Technologies
Leaning on countless customer management and leadership experiences, his ability to motivate and inspire both individuals and organizations is unsurpassed. Ben spent over 25 years as a manager, director, and consultant in the IT industry. In his IT career Ben has worked at IBM, Word Perfect, Novell, Attachmate, and Microsoft. His experience is grounded from attending Eastern Montana College and Brigham Young University on multiple music performance and education scholarships. Ben was born in Montana but has lived in the Seattle area for the past 23 years. Beyond his passion for IT, his pursuit of music has directed him to another outlet by performing in the Seattle Ensign Symphony and Chorus. He has also recently combined his IT career experience with his passion for music to create powerful and immersive learning events.