Microsoft Azure Benifit

I apply the Pack of Microsoft Azur student, but if the Github student pack did not give me the code, then I processed the email verification directly, but it is written that unable to confirm your university ID. So what do i do now did

Also Apply without code

using student email verification process in Microsoft Azure but this is show check it :point_down: Images

I have contacted the people of GitHub student pack but in all the replies it is saying that contact it again. Which people will have to be contacted? To solve this my problem, how many more people will have to be contacted.

Ye GitHub Education people do not have any contact? There is no contact service of us or is there a service of name. I have tried all the contact service of GitHub Education till now nothing happened. Your service is very useless.

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Yes… I am also having the same problem…
I haven’t received 25 digit code for activating azure student account.