Microsoft Authenticator fails


I have a new laptop with my job, and the two authentication factors are needed. So I downloaded the app Microsoft Authenticator on my mobile, and tried to connect. The problem is that when I try to connect on the app, the app requires a code I have to check on my app. But I can’t check at my app as I’m trying to connect on it…
How can I make it work ?
Thanks a lot !!

I have repeatedly found the Microsoft Authenticator app to be worthless. If someone hac9ks into your computer they can easily derive ALL your passwords from the authenticator app. In addition the app will give out your passwords to anyone who is able to sign into your account, and that might not be you. You can sign into your Microsoft acct using GitHub, for example, and its not very difficult.
Ill be writing more about security issues from now on out, I myself have been hacked by a persistent ass and I’m determined to have him prosecuted. I just signed him out as a remote user using Task Manager, they are trying to sign me out so ill send this now and continue later. '"Denis English aka Deek

Hi, yes I know but I’m compelled to use microsoft authenticator for my job, my company doesn’t want to get rid of it…