Micro Python

Hi there i am looking at learning micro python as this appears to going to replace c++ for audrino.  However I am looking an IDE to code in it that allows the import of scripts like the sketch tool for audrinos, any ideas

I think you are trying to mix apples and oranges.

As far as I can see, MicroPython isn’t available on any ‘pure’ Arduino board. So using it with an Arduino board doesn’t appear possible.

If you’re considering programming any MicroPython compatible boards, I’m sure it’s a great choice!  There are MicroPython IDEs out there, as I’m sure you’re aware.

What you are probably looking for when you want to import “Arduino sketches” is an Arduino C++ to MicroPython converter / translator. I don’t see any evidence that such a thing is available.  If you have an Arduino sketch, you’ll have to re-write it in MicroPython yourself … or look for a generic C++ to Python translator.

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