Messed up history of my fork and deleted it - how to fix?

At first I have to say that I have nearly no experience with Git and I also have not much knowledge about what goes on behind the scenes when doing stuff on GitHub. Thus I guess I have done some completely dumb things.

I have had forked a repository (, did some changes, commited them to my fork and issued a pull request (PR). But then I became aware that my changes are not sufficient and I decided to close the PR (

I did some other changes, rebased the local clone of my fork and commited to my fork repo. Then I issued another PR ( When the owner of the original repository tried to merge my PR into his master branch he got conflicts and refused to accept my PR.

I closed my PR, deleted my fork repository and created a new fork of the original repo. I thought this way me and the owner of the original repo would get rid of the mess I’d already produced. But when I comitted my changes and issued a PR I noticed that I had messed up things even more. Thus I deleted my fork repository again.

When I looked to the graph of the original repository I became aware that I had done something stupid. The graph looks very strange (see, there is still a section with my user name and a chaotic course of my (currently not existing) fork.

What can I do now? Any help is much appreciated but since english is not my mother tongue and I have nearly no knowledge of the terminology of Git please try to write in a way that newbies can understand. Ideally you would tell me some Git commands to solve the problem.

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Meanwhile the repository owner helped out and was able to make the botchy forks to vanish.

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