Mermaid sequenceNumbers

I’m enjoying GitHub’s support for Mermaid.

I want to enable sequence numbers in some of my sequence diagrams for referencing in notes.

you mean you need some help how to do that ?

Is this possible with GitHub markdown? I didn’t think it was. Mermaid diagrams, yes, but enabling sequence numbers via JavaScript, no.

not very sure of that too, but its best to ask them there

raise an issue

hopefully they will respond,

Mermaid has support for this (see mermaid - Markdownish syntax for generating flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, gantt charts and git graphs.).

But enabling it requires running a JavaScript snippet which GitHub flavored Markdown won’t run:

      mermaid.initialize({ sequence: { showSequenceNumbers: true }, });

As such, I believe this is a GitHub issue. In order to securely expose enabling sequence numbers GitHub will need to expose some flag for fenced mermaid blocks.

e.g. I want to be able to write the following in markdown on GitHub:

```mermaid showSequenceNumbers

I had the same observation although not Mermaid,

it’s the script not being run on README but will run on the README turned as GitHub Page, did you try that out ? because that may enable you to have the workaround

I’m using Mermaid in GitHub discussions, issues, readme files in my code, etc. so GitHub Pages doesn’t work for my use cases.