Merging two repositories

Hello all, I am new here on github and I wanted to ask you how can I merge an existing repostery to another axisting repostery ?

I would be realy thankfull if you could help me. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @xXUltrOnionXx, welcome to the community we are happy you are here!

In general, we wouldn’t advise attempting to merge the Git history (that is, the commits) of two repositories. While it is possible, it’s not by any means a standard practice. Indeed, storing a branch within a repository that shares no common commit history with the repository’s other branches is highly unusual and could cause significant confusion.

With regard to issues, we have a documented feature here that would allow you to transfer issues from one repository to the other:

Keep in mind forks, stars, pull requests, and watchers cannot be moved or merged across repositories.

As an alternative to attempting to merge these two repositories, you might consider archiving one of them as a form of deprecation, and adding a link to the current repository within the archived repository’s README file. We have documentation on archiving repositories here:

Should you decide to continue with a merge plan, I suggest checking out this very detailed post by Lee, the post has instructions for a trial run and details on the intricacies of merging.

I hope this helps!

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That was kind of realy detailed. Thank you very much for helping me :slight_smile:.

So well I will see what I can do then.

Again thank you for helping @andreagriffiths11

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