Merged changes to github pages repo don't seem to be updating on the site

I just merged from our develop branch to our master branch ( and it doesn’t seem to have resulted in an update to the github pages. I’ve noticed there’s sometimes a delay but it’s been a few hours with no changes. 

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I apologize but currently, GitHub is experiencing FATAL mainframe failures and the administrators are working around the clock to fix it,

STATUS : Status

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Should be working again: Your webpage should have been deployed, webhooks are also now online

PS: A fix for this is being deployed

PSS: Its not just you, I can not even get to my account page 

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The admins are almost done reviewing the backlogs and will be recovering fully shortly

Stay Tuned,


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Thanks - appreciate the play by play. Will stay posted to the status updates. 

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Hey @end3ryt, your messages in this topic are written as if you are speaking on behalf of GitHub as a member of its staff. We understand that this is probably not your intention, so would you mind editing your posts?