Merge not reflected in branch or network views

We just merged a branch (github-actions) into master. It is clear that master has been updated with the new workflows, but the GitHub UI still shows the branch ahead of master and the network does not show the merge either.

Here are screenshots illustrating this:

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 9.51.02 AM

Am I missing something? or is there a bug or delay in updating UI?

I think I figured it out. Is this just what a squashed merge looks like?

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Yes, if you look at the branch view:

it shows that the github-actions branch is 31 commits ahead and 1 commit behind master. What this means is that github-actions has 31 commits that master doesn’t. And master has one commit that github-actions doesn’t. And you’ll notice that the PR you squash-merged had 31 commits in it that got squashed down into 1:

So what you’re seeing is perfectly normal.

As for the network view, it isn’t updated immediately.

I hope that helps!