Merge few files (different files) into one single file (output)


I have many small files (lsp) in my projects, inside the folders ->

I just want to combine small pieces into one big, final output file (CADPL-Pack-v1.lsp).

Can this be achived?



There is no way to do this using Git or GitHub, but there are many ways to do this on your own computer using other tools!

Here is one way:  Assuming you have a command-line and your current working directory is at the root of your project, and that you want to gather the .lsp files from all three of the subdirectories in your current repository:

If you are on macOS or Linux, you can use cat like this:

cat ACX/*.lsp BLK/*.lsp CAL/*.lsp > CADPL-Pack-v1.lsp

If you are on Windows, you can use type like this:

type ACX\*.lsp BLK\*.lsp CAL\*.lsp > CADPL-Pack-v1.lsp