Merge button green with jobs not started in Github Actions

When we have a number of jobs in our workflow but sometimes the queue of jobs gets a bit busy and in this case it might be that the “squash&merge” button gets green when no checks have started yet.

The same happens if there are some errors in workflow definition - the button gets green and there is virtually no indication that something is wrong. It’s very easy to miss this!

Is it possible to make some way to indicate that there are some checks that did not run yet and mark it as “in progress”?


Hi @potiuk,

Thank you for reaching this out!

I cannot reproduce the same on my side. I tried to use a self-hosted runner and make it busy by another workflow, then in the pull request workflow, the job will be in queue. However the job will show in pull request and ‘squash&merge’ button is not green, screenshot as below:

Could you please let me know how to reproduce the issue? And if possible, please share your repo or a sample repo for further investigation.


Normally it works the way you described. It’s only when the jobs are slow to start when it happens so it’s a race condition (and it lasts rather short - few seconds or minutes, so I cannot point you to exact case because it will be gone by the time you look at it).

In such case, what we will see is that there is no second build (yet) though when you look at the workflow, it is about to be queued. So in your example the “job2” would be missing from the list. And then the button goes green (if the build is already approved by someone). Few seconds (or minute) later, job2 will be queued finally, it will appear and the button gets back white.

We have quite a lot of long lasting builds and a lot of jobs are usually busy, so I guess it happens when we have a lot of jobs scheduled/queued. You can see at the builds at - almost every time you will find a buiid that is in such state

Hi @potiuk,

Thanks for your reply!

I can reproduce now, the interval is short on my side, the green ‘squash&merge’ button get back white quickly since the new job started. It’s recommended to raise a feedback ticket in below link where github product manager will take a review, thanks for reporting this.


Shared. Let’s see if it works.