Mention User Icon Below Avatar Hard To See

In all of the dark themes, but especially the new High Contrast one since it is so strongly at odds with the concept, the icon for adding a user mention to your comment is nearly impossible to see. I didn’t even know there was one until I turned on matching system theme style and saw it in the light mode.


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As compared to
since I can only add one image per post.

I forgot I have an browser extension installed for GitHub. It’s very possible (probably likely) that this is a feature of that extension. If so, my bad.

@flagrama thanks for taking the time to share this! It does in fact seem like this is from a browser extension as I’m not familiar with that UI. Is this in an Issues comment? If you could share a screenshot of just a bit more of the surrounding context that might be helpful as well in making sure this isn’t in fact something that is caused by us.