Meet Your GitHub Community Team!

Meet Your GitHub Community Team!

You may have noticed a few folks roaming the proverbial halls of our community with a tiny Mona in their profile image. If you see someone with a mini Mona mona
and a black and white shield next to their handle, then you’ll know they are GitHub employees. However, there’s a group of people whose main focus is you, the community. We’re one mighty team with a collective goal of helping you get to your solutions faster, connect with other GitHub users, and amplify your million-dollar ideas to the world. Our team is thrilled to be in this space with you, so please feel free to say hi when you see us around!

  • @nethgato, Community Manager, bumbles in our community and works directly with users in their topics, along with moderation and administration tasks. He was previously a Technical Support Engineer, so he knows his way around. In his own words: “The ability to be witness to the inside of GitHub is a pretty darned okay way of spending awake hours. Being able to see what our users are enjoying and/or having trouble with, and seeing the efforts made to shift course based on feedback.” Codespaces and Copilot are two features that @nethgato considers wow-worthy! He knows browser-based, cloud computing isn’t a new concept, but the ability to spin up usable environments directly from a repo is just plain ol’ cool. He’s a man of many talents as well, so if you ever meet @nethgato in person, ask him about the voices/impressions he can do.

  • You’ll often spot @ThomasShaped, Community Manager, in our Actions and Pages Board. Similar to @nethgato, he’s also a big fan of Codespaces and said: “There’s been many times when I’ve needed to make an emergency hotfix or push a quick change, so having my fill development environment accessible from anywhere–even on my phone in a pinch–has been really amazing.” If he could be anywhere right now, for a 2-week vacation, he would be somewhere on a mountain, in a cosy winter lodge, and a board to ride down it :snowflake::snowboarder: Clearly a jack of all trades, @ThomasShaped also studied musical theatre in college, and we wouldn’t be surprised if one day we see his name (or handle?) up in lights!

  • @angela-crist, Senior Program Manager lives and breathes empowerment, whether that is for you, our community members, or for Hubbers globally. She feels her best when empowering others to find inspiration and become the joy they want to see in the world. She joined GitHub a few years back to build this wonderful community that you’ve found yourself in. Since @angela-crist is all about others’ success, she’s most excited to see the future of issues and the ability to visualize a large project at a glance. Her superpower is being able to recall a snippet of music and knowing where she’s heard it from, even if it was from a random episode of a tv show. :blush: Pretty impressive, if you ask me!

  • @ossanna16, Senior Program Manager builds programs for new user onboarding and retention. Being one of the leaders of PyLadies London, she loves Open Source, especially the Python community. In her free time she enjoys speaking at tech conferences and mentoring women in tech as she is a strong believer in giving back and paying it forward. She’s equally passionate about diversity, community outreach, and mental health. @ossanna16 still reminisces about her first year in London where she got to see the Spice Girls at Wembley Stadium :microphone:

  • You might not see @jricciardi, around often, but don’t worry — as Senior Community Operations Manager, he’s lurking in the background trying find new ways to make the community experience better, more seamless, and help the rest of the team make data-informed decisions. He’s a big nerd for data visualization, search engine optimization, UX design, code for good, taxonomy, and just plain ol’ saving people time. His perfect vacation involves mountains, a cabin, a body of water to paddle on, and no notifications. His favorite emoji is this little shrugging squid :squid:.

  • @tuves, Program Manager, focuses on GitHub content for the community. She is fascinated by human connections and how easily we can build relationships with one another, especially in this digital age. Postal codes ain’t nothin’ but a numba (and sometimes letters). She loves working in Dark Mode and is hoping to see more cool things in the future with it! In terms of a perfect vacation–she’s recently moved to the UK from the US, so she’s happy staying there and exploring for a wee bit longer before traveling. Her special talent? Imitating the voice of Janice from Friends.

  • @ettaboyle, Senior Manager, has been our valiant leader since March 2021. She loves this team and how we’ve pushed her to learn and grow in ways she hadn’t ever imagined. New to GitHub, she was immediately excited to support the growing global GitHub community and inspired by stories shared by members of the leadership about how developing skills as a developer can truly change the trajectory of someone’s life. Want to feel inspired like @ettaboyle? Check out Erica Brescia’s The Next 50 Million Developers keynote from ATO last year! :sparkles: Fun fact about her: @ettaboyle was in the Peace Corps in Tanzania and speaks Swahili. She still uses it all the time and appreciates how it has helped her think about the various ways we all communicate and process information. So where in the world would she transport herself if given the chance? The South of France, or Italy! Or Spain! Doh–so much to see and do!

  • @liligalante, Community Manager , new to learning GitHub? So is she! @liligalante will be right alongside our new members in the Getting Started section making sure members are set up for success as they get acquainted with all things GitHub! She considers herself a jack of all community trades with special places in her heart for engagement, member feedback, and accessibility/inclusion initiatives. When she isn’t in the GitHub community, you can find @liligalante outdoors, she loves parks (especially the U.S. National Parks), the beach, and a good picnic :basket: . She loves to travel to anywhere and everywhere, but if she had to choose, her perfect vacation involves hiking, beautiful surroundings, delicious meals, relaxing, and no humidity.

Much humbled by your collective and personal achievements—Here’s a salute for such badly-needed yet well-received inspiration:
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Thank you @Jade-Angelorum! And I see that this is your first post! Welcome to the community :smiley: