Means to publish workflow templates github-wide?

Currently, I see there is a means to create template workflows for organizations but, regardless of that, if we go to the Actions tab then new workflow, there will be several, searchable templates with comprehensive code and context for each template.

Where are these templates coming from? Is there no way to contribute to the list? I don’t see some (most) marketplace actions and, by inspecting a few actions from marketplace I can’t find anything resembling a template that would be served.

We have an action we want to publish, but we designed it so that it requires a previous step from another action, and it would be great if we could provide simple means for users to add the workflow by searching marketplace and clicking a button – or via the “new workflow” interface (from the target repository’s Actions tab). Currently all we have is the ability to add examples in the action’s README.

Any direction on that?