Me and my projects and need your help

Hi I am new to programming and would like some help to solve an issue I have with my school project. Here is the link to my problem and code, I hope you can help
Many thanks

Hi @tony0071,

This appears to be Python homework. We want to help you get the information you need, but we also are concerned that just giving you the answer will rob you of the necessary skills you’ll need to develop. If you can describe the things you’ve tried and how they haven’t worked for you, perhaps someone can give you a nudge in the right direction.



What you need to do is to review the GPIO documentation. If you are getting a GPIO error on the second pass through the loop, then you’ve done something wrong with your GPIO calls. I know nothing about your environment or which GPIO library you are using so I cannot be more specific.

You might try diagnosing the logic for your while loops without involving the GPIO. I.e. comment out all the GPIO calls. Do the loops behave as you expect?

Hi Andrea, many thanks for your response, I have been busy working through the code and managed to resolve most I my issues. I will put another post up showing my new code and last remaining issue :+1:

Hi fire-eggs, many thanks for your advise, I have been working hard over the weekend to diagnose and managed to resolve all but one of my issues. I will upload a copy of the revised program and explain my problem and what I have tried
Best Regards