MDB protocol electrical engineer/ multi drop bus project for vending machine

We are sourcing for our client an engineer- that can REMOTELY connect a payment gateway to MDB based vending machines, while installing a vending machine software that lets the client control that business.The candidate, should know mechanical engineering, Software engineering comprising languages such as PLC, C++, Java and/ or Python. Furthermore he/she will interact as a liaison between the clients manufacturing team in China and the USA based payment Gateway company. We are looking for a person based in USA that understands the USA payment gateway obligation and regulations. Furthermore - we would like to develop the SCRIP we received from CHINA further. Please let me know if you are interested in participating in this venture. Many thanks


I’m running a startup in the same domain. We having been working in this field for more than 5 years and our engineers are proficient in MDB and payment gateway integrations. Let me know if we could find some synergy. Looking forward to work with you people.




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