May I use GitHub mascots for a presentation?


Is it ok if I use GitHub mascots on a presentation that I’m creating for recruiters to teach them about sourcing on GitHub?
Also, what type of reference will be needed? If I’m adding the names of the mascots on the page where the mascot is, would that be ok?

I understood from the Github documentation that using mascots in a blog where you talk about GitHub is possible, would that be in such presentation/guidebook format as well? I would be very much grateful If you confirm so I will be calm on that matter.

Hi there! Thank you for your question! Yes, in general it should be ok to use Mona, our mascot, in your presentation. I suggest you mention the source where you got the graphics from (website URL) and mention that you are not the owner or creator of the graphic.


Cool. I will put the source and give proper credit. Thank you for your help!


Hi @darsaveli, feel free to check our assets here as well as the dos and don’ts of our logo usage :smiley:

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I have read that before, just wanted to make sure if I understand it right and ossanna16 confirmed, but thank you for trying to help me too with this question.