Maven test never ends on github actions

I am experiencing problem with running testng tests by using mvn clean test. Funny thing is that it works fine and every time locally but not on github. I couldn’t conclude anything. I added parallelization on Test level, and added logs to see if all test groups are started and finished. All I can see is that all test groups are processed, some are finished, but not all. Like those never ends. Not sure how to debug this forward, since there is no any log that tell me what is wrong. And also I have the same workflow that run tests on different environment and always works.

Maybe this is going to be helpful to someone else.
Looks like issue is on AWS side, because my request goes there and never ends. I added connection and socket timeouts on restassured and retry mechanism to retry 3 more times and all those tests that failed for the first time are successfully run for the next time in retry. So I didn’t fix original issue, but at least found a bypass that doesn’t increase execution time for more than few seconds.