Maven repo dependency url is taking "forever"

I have a repository on GitHub which had GitHub Actions since beta release of GitHub Actions without any troubles.

This is a simple java-component without lots of dependencies and since it is used during testing of other components, it is really fast to build (about 4 seconds without downloading dependencies)

But this changed yesterday when I bumped spring-boot dependency 2.3.2.RELEASE. It took over 4 hours and 20 minutes to finish (!!!):

This was a feature branch which is merged to master this morning and it is still building…

It seems that it first is using our in-house maven repo, before trying the central maven repo… I do not know why, this is a github runner using ubuntu-latest and I cannot figure out where it can get the url from…

when it executes mvn -B install -e it downloaded a bunch of dependencies from spring-boot, but this is done in 10 seconds (including the build)…

an in-house action causes the download-anarchy … this is essiantal a bash-script and I do not understand…

bash script:

set -e

if [ ! -z "$INPUT_SRC_FOLDER" ]

echo "Working directory"

if [ -z "$INPUT_MAVEN_IMAGE" ]; then
  mvn -B dependency:tree | tee .dependency-tree
  docker run --rm -v "$PWD":/usr/src/mymaven -v "$HOME"/.m2:/root/.m2 -w /usr/src/mymaven \
    "$INPUT_MAVEN_IMAGE" mvn -B dependency:tree | tee .dependency-tree

cat .dependency-tree | grep BUILD | grep -c SUCCESS | sed 's/1//' # fails if count is 0

DEPENDENCIES=$(cat .dependency-tree | grep "\[INFO]" | grep -e "\- " -e "+-")
COUNT=$(echo "$DEPENDENCIES" | grep -c SNAPSHOT || true)

echo "Found $COUNT SNAPSHOT dependencies"

if [ "$COUNT" -gt 0 ]
    >&2 echo ::error No SNAPSHOT dependencies allowed
    exit 1;

Hi @jactor-rises,

This is due to it takes more time to download from local-releases now: I tried to ping the url but failed, it seems not accessable now.
In your pom.xml setting, please comment the section as below:

It will only download from central now, and it only takes 15s on my fork repo.
Please refer to my workflow for more details.


I am so sorry for not seeing that… I was blind for that error since this has always been a public open repository not needing the internal maven repository

Thanx for the effort

Hi @jactor-rises,

Thanks for your reply! Is there any other questions left in this ticket i can help with?

nothing… I am embarrassed that I didn’t notice this earlier… :roll_eyes:

Thanks for your confirmation! @jactor-rises . Glad to support!

Happy coding!