Matrix-type back end?

I have an idea I’d like to explore. Can I create a 3-D materix-type database? Imagine boxes stacked vertically and horizontally in all three directions with unique files in each box…or a 3-D excel sheet. How would one do this?

>Can I create a 3-D materix-type database?

Yes. Some RDMSs have arrays or nested tables. I’m not up on the latest SQL standard, but these might not be standard SQL concepts.

In NoSQL, you could store an (e.g.) JSON container in a table to store whatever dimensions you want.

Take your 2D (rows & columns) database and have each “cell” be a table reference.

Your solution (and whether it even makes sense) will depend on your use case, i.e. what are you trying to store and can it be done with the “standard” one-to-many / many-to-many relationship calculi?

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