Matrix array shortens more than one decimal ending with 0 to a decimal without the 0

I’ve tried to build against all alpine tags and used the follwing array:

alpine_tags: [3.8,3.9,3.10,latest,edge]

The 3.10 tag is shortened to 3.1, unless it’s wrapped as a string

3.10 as is 

3.10 as string 

Thank you for reporting this issue. I have directed your feedback to the appropriate engineering team for further evaluation. I will notify you about the next steps as soon as the team give me response.

I got response from Github Team. 

Currently, this is the expected behavior. This adheres to the YAML specification, which defines lots of heuristics to guess the type. 

 I’d recommend here that you should quote all the strings, eg:

alpine_tags: ['3.8', '3.9', '3.10', 'latest', 'edge']

Since one of these scalars is obviously a string (latest or edge) then you may think they should all be strings. Maybe there’s improvements that we can make here in the long-term, but the immediate way is to quote all the string elements. 

Thank you for your understanding.