matlab problem\lqr\tsp\optimization


I’m new in matlab,now I have to solve these 3 problems, could anyone please help me?

Well I think not a lot of people are just going to make your homework right here for you. I do, however think a lot of people will be willing to help out if you start by telling what you’ve already tried/made and what your initial idea’s are. It’s better to ask questions that are tailored towards a specific point you are stuck at than just posting a screenshot and ask “the internet” to “fix it for me”.

Ok thanks for your suggestion but I dont know how to start it😓 for example I dont know if I can solve my problem-Travelling salesman- in matlab or not🤔 because In this problem, paths are certained. If some one just guide me how to start I really aperciate and then I ask my question.
Thanks alot