Matlab compatibility with Open Broadcaster Software


I am trying to record my matlab experiment as it runs in real time using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). I have also added a web camera in my OBS window to record my research participants’ resposes in real time. Our setup is like this: I control the matlab program from my mac outside the experiment room as the program runs on an extended screen inside the room. We record participant resposes using a camera placed in front of the participant (under the exnteded screen). When I open OBS, to record the matlab program and the output from the webcam on a same screen, I am getting the following error.

Error using Screen
See error message printed above.

Error in icc (line 188)
wind = Screen(‘OpenWindow’, max(Screen(‘Screens’)));

Can anyone assist me with this issue? I do not get this error when I run the program on an extended screen without OBS. 

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