Materialize Issue

I’m attempting to use materialize in my rails application, but my application file looks very different from what I have read online.

My application.js file is within a folder called ‘packs’. The code inside the file also doesn’t match what I see online. Instead of ‘//=require rails-ujs’ I have 'import Rails from “@rails/ujs” with a line below that reads “Rails.start()”. See below:

Because my file looks different, I cannot figure out how to create a drop-down. How do I account for this difference?

My code:

// This file is automatically compiled by Webpack, along with any other files
// present in this directory. You're encouraged to place your actual application logic in
// a relevant structure within app/javascript and only use these pack files to reference
// that code so it'll be compiled.

import Rails from "@rails/ujs";
import Turbolinks from "turbolinks";
import * as ActiveStorage from "@rails/activestorage";
import "channels";


$( document ).on('turbolinks:load', function() {