Matching isn't as accurate as it should be

I would hope that repository names are prioritised over commands. Trying to match “osu” results in very unexpected behaviour for me:

20211028.123116 (Safari)

Probably needs special handling of full word matches or something.


Thanks for sharing this with us @peppy! I also really appreciate you including a gif as it helps our team better understand and diagnose the issue. Throughout our alpha ship we continuously refined our search result prioritization, but I agree with you that we should be weighing repositories above low usage settings pages in the results. I’ve added this to our backlog to look further into!

Same here. I need a better way to navigate to repos I use often. I dont want to have to star and unstar them for this purpose. I thought that this would let type in a few characters of the repo name and have the repo show up in the list. For example if I have a repo that I contribute to thats called MyOrg.AccountingCodeModule.API I want to be able to type “acc” and hit Enter to go to that repo. I’d also want that to happen if the repo name was MyOrg.ModuleCode_Accounting.API or any other permutation.

The main page of the repo is fine, I wouldnt need to be able to directly navigate to Issues, PullRequests, etc. The hard part is getting to that main repo page when you have hundreds of them available.

Thanks for the feedback @StingyJack! This same feedback has come up a few times and the team plans on exploring a way to better prioritize your recent / most visited repos