master/docs folder not listed for select as source

I am new to git , github and github pages.

This is my repository :

I am trying to setup the github pages based on this document : Configuring a publishing source for GitHub Pages and would like to display the pages from /docs folder. As per the documentation I should be able to select the source if /docs folder is present in the master branch and for some reason unknown to me no such select option is available.

Any help is appreciated to get this working.

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Hey @ranjit-g, it looks like for the recent commits that all the info in the repo has been deleted. Are you still trying to resolve this issue? If so, please ping me and I can help troubleshoot with you. 

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the docs folder is empty

Hi @logankilpatrick  , Thanks a lot for responding.

Since I didn’t get any response to my query , I thought there was something really stupid about my setup. So thought of starting afresh and ended up deleting all the contents. I will ping you/update this thread once I put things back together.


Even I have the same issue and I am not sure why it is not showing up the source selection dropdown…

Any help would greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Kiran P.