Masking a website's SSL

Dear Github members,

 first of all i’m new to github and I have created a website, i only know html css and basic javascript, please forgive me for not using IT language lol. So the question is, i was submitting my website’s link in some social bookmarking sites. However, there is around 30-40% of possibility that an error message of “domain invalid/unindexable” or similar message was yielded from these websites. 

 After a bit of research online, someone suggested it has something to do with the SSL, probably because my site is like “borrowing someone else’s” SSL so that those bookmarking site can not verify. One user in a forum even told me he cannot visit my site lol.

 Can someone help me with this please? Thank you so much!!

Link reference :

You don’t really seem to have anything with your SSL set up the wrong way, and I can reach your site just fine.

Everything looks fine to me. I’m attaching a picture of the SSL cert details.