Mars 2020 badge list of libraries can be improved

I believe, for example, that Garrett Johnson (gkjohnson (Garrett Johnson) · GitHub) contributes to Mars 2020 Ingenuity by both using and contributing to Three.js:

Besides software used on the actual Ingenuity helicopter, there is also supporting software for observing and Mars 2020 robots including Ingenuity, which involves 3D visuals that I believe Garrett creates with Three.js.

I will reach out to Garrett to get confirmation that what I am saying is true.

If this is true, is it possible that we can amend the list of used libraries to better reflect who contributed Mars 2020?

I myself have contributed to Three.js as well as many others. It would be neat to have that badge. :smiley:


Hey there, hope all is well! I’m going to bump this thread and mention @angela-crist to see if we can get any information regarding this question!


Hi @trusktr! The open source projects and libraries for the Mars 2020 Helicopter Contributor badge were determined with the help of JPL and unfortunately three.js was not included. I appreciate you raising the topic though and for your interest in the achievement badge.


Hello! I confirmed with Garret Johnson at NASA that Three.js was used in supplemental programs (f.e. visualization of the Helicopter flights) but it was not used in any program considered critical for development, planning, and operations of the helicopter.

He did mention, however, that Three.js was used in a number of tools considered critical for planning and ops of the Perseverance rover. It would be neat if there were some other badges like Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Contributor.

I started a list of ideas here: