Mars 2020 badge list of libraries can be improved

I believe, for example, that Garrett Johnson (gkjohnson (Garrett Johnson) · GitHub) contributes to Mars 2020 Ingenuity by both using and contributing to Three.js:

Besides software used on the actual Ingenuity helicopter, there is also supporting software for observing and Mars 2020 robots including Ingenuity, which involves 3D visuals that I believe Garrett creates with Three.js.

I will reach out to Garrett to get confirmation that what I am saying is true.

If this is true, is it possible that we can amend the list of used libraries to better reflect who contributed Mars 2020?

I myself have contributed to Three.js as well as many others. It would be neat to have that badge. :smiley:


Hey there, hope all is well! I’m going to bump this thread and mention @angela-crist to see if we can get any information regarding this question!

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Hi @trusktr! The open source projects and libraries for the Mars 2020 Helicopter Contributor badge were determined with the help of JPL and unfortunately three.js was not included. I appreciate you raising the topic though and for your interest in the achievement badge.