Marketplace Installation modal incorrect

We have published a GitHub Action for deploying a Ghost theme, but the automatically generated install instructions modal is incorrect and confusing. It assumes too much knowledge about workflows.

Here’s the install modal:

Following these instructions leads to a yaml file that is incorrectly formatted:

And a really unhelpful error:

This is a real user having a go at using our github action, following the guidelines in the modal instead of our README.

Is there a way to change the contents of this modal? 

There’s no way to change the contents of this, no.  It’s automatically generated from your action.yml.  Your opportunity to guide people to how to set up a complete workflow is within your README, which looks great.

I don’t want to conflate the “use an action” and “create an entire workflow” experiences - I think that it would be confusing if suddenly a button that told you how to use an action in your workflow gave you an entire workflow.  That would be confusing for people who were trying to add a single action, instead of trying to create a whole new workflow.

That being said, if people end up in the marketplace with no workflow at all, we should do a better job guiding them towards creating a new workflow (instead of adding an action to a workflow that they don’t have).

Appreciate the feedback, we’ll take a look at how we can improve this.  Thanks!