Marketplace Actions sorting

The Github marketplace does not properly sort actions by install/starred count. Some sorting is off by a few stars/installs but that seems to be due to caching. I maintain the FTP-Deploy action and its not listed in the proper sort order on any page - the sorting is off by several hundred stars.

Currently the FTP-Deploy action has ~920 stars, it was one of the first github actions on the marketplace (part of the beta program) and has had 500+ stars for several months so I don’t think this is a cache issue. The FTP-Deploy action is tagged as “Deployment” and “Continuous Integration” but does not appear on those pages when sorting by stars.

Recreation steps:

Example 1 - Continuous Integration doesn’t include FTP-Deploy when it should be the second result.

Example 2 - Deployment Actions with FTP filter FTP-Deploy is the 15th result when it should be the first result.

This problems is resolved as of 9/7/2021!
Looks like the sorting code was fixed.