Marketing my software

Hello, Githubbers.

I’m new to this site, but I’ve spent a couple hundred hours writing two MATLAB functions. Both came from my ideas and were solo projects, so I hope to profit from them and control who uses them. The longer one takes as an input what people you want to be next to each other, who you don’t want next to each other, and the number of rows or circles of chairs and returns all the possible seating arrangements that meet your requirements on who is next to who and seats everyone. The simpler one walks younger kids through long division by breaking the problem into the smallest component steps, we first divide the denominator into the first how many digits of the numerator? How many times does it go into those digits? Now we have x remaining, how many times does the denominator go into that?

I was hoping to set up a little website(s) where people can use these programs in exchange for watching an add, and I would get something for each click or add watched. Does anyone know how to go about that? I’m also open to converting the code to a free and more accessible program like Octave if I see evidence that there’s enough demand to make that worth while.