Markdown to PDF workflow event on more files

I have a public repository, where there are more files in different folders (;
I’ve created a a workflow by a provided example:
(not working right now), which worked well on one file,
but I would like to extend it generate more PDF-s from other files as well.
Is that possible?
Thank you, Ervin

Sure! What I’d do is install Pandoc directly:

      - name: install Pandoc
        run: |
          export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive
          apt-get update
          apt-get -y install pandoc

You could then either call it directly in a run step (maybe with a loop), or use Make or a similar tool to automate the build process. I have a Make rule for something similar here (with additional YAML metadata):

%.pdf: %.yaml
	$(PANDOC) --toc -f markdown -o $@ $^

The $(PANDOC) variable is set via Automake, you could just replace it with pandoc to assume the binary is available in the PATH.