Markdown problems with creating github ReadMe documentation.

I get problems with adding markdown to ReadMe file of my repository -
In the ReadMe file I have added for example [**]s to the text to make it bold, in editor it shows bold, but in the preview or final version it doesn’t and the [**]s don’t disappear.

image.png image.png

Waiting to your help.
With regards KoStard.

Hi @kostard,

Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum!

I took a look at your README, and I think this is just a formatting issue. I actually forked it and tried making the changes myself and it worked just fine.

There are a few places that your use of ** isn’t working properly. In the spot you pointed out; just before that where you state “Here you can press **enter** and add new block”; and your signature at the end. For all of these, if you create a line break above each, you should see the MD work properly. Please give that a shot, and let me know if you’re still having the same trouble.


It worked! Thanks for your response, hope the issue will be solved soon.

With regards KoStard.