Markdown images from local disk rendered by Jupyter but not rendered by Github

Hi Community,

I’m trying to put my Jupyter notebooks to my Github repository, and it seems that I have some bugs. Below are 2 problematic markdown cells, containing images, that in Jupyter are rendered perfectly and in Github are not displayed in an expectable way.

![Han Solo](
<div align="center"><font size="4"><strong>Han Solo</strong></font></div>

This markdown cell in Github shows only the picture itself, without the title in a HTML element (even though about 2 weeks ago I have already dowloaded it here, and it was rendered perfectly).

![Han Solo](Eritrea.jpg)
<div align="center"><font size="4"><strong>Eritrea</strong></font></div>

This markdown cell shows only the title, and even not its own, but the one of the image from the cell above. The image itself is not displayed.

I tried both the approach with <img scr=""...> and [alt](Eritrea.jpg). In Jupyter everything is rendered, in Github no. I also tried .jpg and .JPG, I even re-installed anaconda. Of course, the image files are in the same folder as the project, and of course I made no errors in the file names.

Any idea how to resolve?
I am especially confused because a couple of weeks ago the first cell was displayed correctly, and now that I reloaded the project, it doesn’t work.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!