Markdown and basic images

Hello everybody! First time in GitHub, and I am very, very lost even after two or three hours on the guide!

I have understood that every text file (image?) in a repository should be written under a markdown format.

It is written herethat there is the text formatting toolbar on every text page.

But it seems not true, as I have not found any toolbar on my <Code> tab when editing a document.

Therefore, I am using ghostwritter to write the text in markdown format.

And it is not working. The text in my document on the <Code> tab is still in markdown format.

How can I visualise/consult the final document?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Did you make sure the document has the extension of 



Hello mpboom,

You are right, it was not the right type of document.

I was filling was in the Code tab, and I was searching to fill documents in the Issue tab.

It was that silly!