"Mark files as viewed" API

I’m trying to find the API used for marking files as viewed, as described here: https://github.blog/2019-07-01-mark-files-as-viewed/. I want to be able to both fetch data about what files have been marked as viewed, and be able to change the viewed status. I’ve looked at both the v3 and v4 documentation and haven’t found anything to do this. Is this a publicly available API?


Hi @rmacfarlane

Thank for being here! If I’m not mistaken there isn’t an endpoint to support this request at this time, let me do some more digging and come back to you.

Hello Andrea,

I wonder if it possible to provide such API. In fact, the iOS GitHub App is available to mark files as reviewed. So it should be a (private) API available? It would be great to have it public, so that other IDEs like intelliJ can support this feature.

I love the web interface, but for very big pull requests, it’s often better to check the code out and see the differences inside of the IDE.

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Hey @circlesmiler :wave:

Right now, Andrea’s post is accurate; there is no public endpoint for marking files as viewed. Since the OP, we’ve adjusted how we receive feedback.

I would highly recommend submitting your suggestion via this form:

…so that it gets in front of our PMs for review and consideration.

Thank you! :bow:

I’ve just found that the GraphQL API now actually does have a mutation for this:

and you can query for this object to find out the viewed status for a file:

There’s still nothing in the REST API, but this unblocks me!


Thanks for updating this post @rmacfarlane :bow:

I’m so happy to learn alongside you that the markFileAsViewed mutation exists; TIL!

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