Many people have uploaded the same code from the same source. Can I filter?

I am searching for code related to generating Morse Code.  On a search for this, I found very many GitHub people have uploaded code that matches each other.  In fact, they all attribute the code to the same person. 

How can I filter out all of these?  There are over 100 pages of enteries. I would like to find unique code, not just the same code 100 times. 

Isn’t there some issue with copying someone’s code? 


Joe Cotton W3TTT

How and whether it is possible to filter duplicate searches is dependent on how you are searching for the code.  Are you using one of GitHub’s searches, or an external search engine such as Google, or some other means of searching?  You can read more about ways to search GitHub here.

Many repositories use open source licenses which permit copying code under the terms of the license.  One common method of using such code is to create a “fork”, which is a full copy of the Git repository including existing metadata such as the author and so forth.  You can read more about forking code here.


You can exclude forks from your search results in GitHub’s web based search UI.

I find it definitely helps narrow my result set by using the advanced search option - specifying the language I’m interested in, the popularity (stars) and with open issues to narrow things down; try excluding forks (and also searching for repositories with a high number of forks)