Manually triggering checks for a PR


I have the following workflows set up.

  • Whenever someone pushes to a PR I want to run a suite of “quick” CI tests that should block the PR from being merged until they pass. This was fairly straightforward to set up. This workflow is defined on
  • I also have a collection of “slow” tests. I don’t want these to run on every push to a PR because they take a long time and will chew up all of my build minutes. The workflow is defined to be run on workflow_dispatch

What I want to do is say that merging a PR is blocked on the checks in the quick tests and the slow tests. Then when someone is creating their PR and it’s been reviewed, the trigger the slow tests manually which should complete all the checks.

This is not what happened though. I finished work on my PR, went to the Actions menu, ran the workflow for the branch used for the PR, it completed successfully, but the checks section still says Expected — Waiting for status to be reported

Is my desired workflow possible? If so, what am I doing wrong?


You need to understand that the jobs only in the following workflows can be considered as checks of the PR:

  1. When the workflow is triggered by the events that are related to pull request.

  2. When the workflow is triggered by push event for the latest commit on the head branch (source branch) of the PR.

When you set a job as the required check of the PR in a repository, if this job is not contained in the workflows I mentioned above, you will see the message “Expected — Waiting for status to be reported”, and this will prevent the PR from being merged.
Obviously, when the workflow is triggered by the workflow_dispatch event, the jobs in the workflow run will not be considered as checks of the PR.

Thanks @brightran I had suspected as much but I was really hopeful there was a way to do it that I was missing

@barryskal ,

We seem do not have any available and easy method to do that.