Manifest unknown when try to pull not exist images on Github container registry

I’m trying to integrate my Github actions with Github container registry.
My Github actions workflow is I want to pull image before build and push (this is for caching purpose).
So the first time I pull, that image will not exist in my Github container registry.

When I try to pull the image that not exist from container registry (using as a registry host), this will broke my workflow and described as manifest unknown (workflow exit).

While I use Github package registry ( as a registry host), everything work fine (everything work fine too when use ).

I cannot find the document about this problem. Please kindly advise what is the problem?


@gutakk Can you share your workflow file or an example?

I gather you’re doing a docker pull in one step and it fails. We’re looking into this on our side. For now maybe you could use the continue on error property to skip failed pulls?

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