Managing Merge Conflicts Lesson 7 -Where are the pull requests?

Hello All,

Earlier today I started Managing Merge Conflicts, everything was going fine until I got to Lesson 7.  After completing Lesson 6 I got up, walked away from the computer to do a few other projects When I returned to resume Lesson 7 I found there was no open pull request remaining. Here’s are two screenshots:

Any ideas as to how I can get back on track. It seems the top screenshot opens on whatever completed lesson I click on.



Hey @baterkari

Looks like you were pretty close! The error was that this pull request was approved and merged out of order:

Since that one merged before the other was approved, there wasn’t a conflict to resolve, and the app sent you responses out of order.

To get back on track, you’ll need to start over and make sure to avoid that pitfall on the next round. You’re almost there!


Hi @hollenberry,

Well, sometimes doing something twice is the best way to learn. :slight_smile:

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